Check out the latest updates from our board.

September 2:

The storm has passed and the weather for this weekend looks great for hanging out at the pool.  So enjoy one last, long weekend before we pack things up for the season.
Hours this weekend:

Friday: 3:30 pm to 10 pm

Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm

Sunday: 11 am to 9 pm

Monday (Labor Day): 11 am to 6 pm [last day]

There will be a membership meeting Sunday at 3 pm, at the pool.  We will review the season, hold elections for the pool board, and have an opportunity for you to provide your thoughts and suggestions for the pool.
In the off-season, look for pool work days to help maintain the facility, a return of Oktoberfest, and occasional Friday Night social hours in the parking lot.

August 6:

From Chris: Please note that effective tomorrow (12:01 am), Saturday August 7, Montgomery County is requiring masks at indoor locations “accessible to the general public”. Therefore, we will be requiring (rather than recommending) that people over the age of 2 wear masks while in the clubhouse (including changing rooms and office). Removing the mask briefly to shower should be okay (since wet masks impede breathing).
We are not requiring the use of masks while on deck, and of course, surgical type masks are not allowed in the pool (as they impede breathing when wet) Scuba-type masks that cover the eyes are, of course intended for underwater use and are okay in the pool. However, we again ask that you keep in mind that many children under 12 use the pool daily, and are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. So please be respectful of concerns over social distancing, etc. when interacting with others at the pool.

August 5

I hope everyone is having a fun summer at the pool.  This week’s happenings include two food trucks, Friday night jam, and the Monday Movie.
On Friday, we will host Cipolla Rossa wood fired pizza from 4 to 7 pm.  Pre-order at https://cipollarossa.square.site/ or walk-up.  On Saturday, we will host PhoWheels from 4:30 to 7 pm.  Pre-order at https://phowheelsonlineorder.square.site/ or walk-up.
After enjoying your pizza Friday, stick around for jam session on the patio, starting around 8 (weather permitting).
Finally, the Monday Movie this week is Trolls.
Hope to see you at the pool!


July 30th – The baby pool passed both the pressure test and pre-opening inspection this morning.  We are currently in the process of refilling the pool, adjusting the chemistry, moving furniture back into the area, and cleaning up.  We expect that the baby pool should be open for regular use by 3 pm this afternoon (perhaps earlier).
I want to thank all of the members, and especially those with small children, for their patience and understanding during this extensive delay.  Speaking on behalf of the board, we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to our youngest members and their parents.  We hope that you will now be able to have a great rest-of-the-summer at the pool!

July 29

With July nearly in the rear view mirror, swim team may be over but there is still plenty of time to cool off and enjoy the fun at the pool. This week, potential progress to report on the baby pool and still lots of activities.As previously indicated, the baby pool is currently in the County permitting queue. We are expecting the County to do a pressure test of the new plumbing tomorrow (Friday), followed by the pre-opening inspection hopefully early next week. Once we pass the inspection, we will finally be able to open the pool. So again, cautiously optimistic that we could open the baby pool sometime next week. I’ll keep you posted when we are ready to open.Although the weather this week has been a bit severe, Friday is shaping up to be a pretty nice day, so get out and enjoy Smoke Stacks House of BBQ from 4:30 to 7. And, as always, stick around for the jam session at 8 (weather permitting).The Monday Movie this week will be The Croods.Morning lap swim will continue from 7 to 8 each Tuesday to Friday morning (thanks for parking away from the grass in case the landscaping crew comes to mow the lawn), with additional lap lanes available from 7 pm to closing each Monday through Thursday evening upon request (up to 3 lanes).Note that the new sod is now able to support foot traffic, and the grill has been returned to the grill pad. When using the grill, please do your part to help keep it clean for the next person.Hope to see you at the pool!