Thank you for your interest in joining the Forest Knolls Pool community. To join the pool with full rights and privileges, a one-time membership initiation fee must be paid along with annual dues.

Returning Members

******Please register and pay no later than April 15th to maintain your active membership status. Register and pay by March 15th and we’ll provide 10 free guest passes.

Mailing address:

  • Forest Knolls Pool
  • P.O. Box 838, Woodmoor Station
  • Silver Spring, MD 20918-0838

*Friendly reminder to allow at least three weeks for checks to be processed.

2022 Fee Schedule

One Time Initiation Fee for New Members: $300

Annual Dues:

Single (1 Adult – 18 or older): $415
Couple (Two people (couple, parent and child, etc.), living in the same household): $490
Family (Three or more people residing in the same household (same address, living as a family), including one or two adults and their dependent children.): $600

Additional Items:

Additional Household Members [Extended family, adult children (over 22-years-old), and nannies/babysitters/caregivers who regularly accompany members]: $100 each
Guest Pass Book (10 Passes): $30
Inactive Member Fee (annual fee, if you plan to return as member again in the future without paying initiation fee): $100

Please remember that we have to incur expenses to prepare the pool for opening and to maintain it even in the event of a delayed opening or not opening.

Forest Knolls Pool is a member-owned resource, and the dues and inactive fees collected allow us to offset a significant portion of these fixed costs without decimating the funds we are setting aside for future maintenance and repair of the aging facility.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Forest Knolls Board of Directors. We look forward to seeing you at the pool!