Guidelines and FAQs for Summer 2020

Please read the important information about the Summer 2020 season:


In accordance with State and County guidelines, the following restrictions will be in place at this time. All restrictions are subject to change.

Please stay home if you are sick!  Symptoms include: Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea

Pool Capacity and Use

  • Time slots will be available online (using Sign-up Genius) as follows: 
    • Lap swimming (1 person per lane): 
      • Tues-Fri morning 7-7:30am and 7:30-8am (7 slots each time period) 
      • Mon-Thurs evening 8-8:30pm, 8:30-9pm (7 slots each time period) 
    • Open Swim:
      • Sunday: 12-1:30pm, 2-3:30, 4-5:30, 6-7:30, 8-9pm
      • Monday-Thursday: 12-1:30pm, 2-3:30, 4-5:30, 6-7:30
      • Fri/Sat: 12-1:30pm, 2-3:30, 4-5:30, 6-7:30, 8-9:30pm 
    • Limit use to 12 families/couples and 7 individuals per open swim time slot (10 families/couples and 7 individuals on Monday/Wednesday at noon)
    • 30 minutes between each slot to allow for disinfecting furniture and cleaning bathrooms
    • The tables on deck should allow enough spacing between household groups and reduce the number of people in the water to ensure distancing in the water as well 
  • Members who who have paid full dues may sign up for 4 OPEN SWIM slots per week with no more than 1 OPEN SWIM slot on any given day in advance. Each family is also entitled to 4 INDIVIDUAL SLOTS per week to be used as you see fit for the members in your family. You can use the individual sign-ups as you like (so someone can go by themselves in the afternoon, then the whole family can come at night, for example). You may also sign up for an unlimited number of LAP SWIM slots per week, while being courteous to other members who may want to swim laps.  
  • You may check the signup genius within an hour of the beginning of a time slot and if there are any open slots, you may sign up without having it count againt your allotted slots for the week.  So if you notice at 1:15 that the 2 pm time slot has a few empty slots, you can go ahead and take one (even if you’ve already used 4 sign-ups for the week).  Make sure you use the Sign-up Genius – we cannot allow walk-ups. 
  • One lap lane will be available during all open swim periods; lap lanes are for one swimmer at a time (even if you are from the same family). 
  • No adult swim periods since slots are only 90 minutes.
  • In order to ensure that kids will adhere to social distancing rules, only kids who are 14 years old or entering high school will be allowed to enter unaccompanied by a parent (not the usual 10&up rule).
  • Members may not bring guests from outside of their household at this time.

Entry: Enter and exit through the side gate, not through the pool house. Guards will be set up at the snack bar to check in members from behind a plexiglass shield.  

Masks: Per State guidance, members age 2 and up must wear a mask when out of the water and interacting with staff or other individuals not from their household. Members must not wear masks while in the water.

Furniture: The pool will provide tables and a few lounge chairs.  Members will bring their own chairs and sit at the tables or on lounge chairs in their current locations. You may not move pool furniture and must set-up your own chairs and personal items in proximity to the tables to ensure adequate spacing on deck.  

Diving Well: Diving Boards open only. We will mark the deck to show 6 foot spacing for those waiting to use the boards. Beaver and other non-socially-distanced activities will not be allowed in the well.

Noodles/Kickboards: Noodles will not be available for general use at this time. Members may bring their own kickboards for lap swimming (must go home with the swimmer and cannot be shared outside of a household). We will also have a limited number of kickboards available for long-term loan for the summer.

Flotation Devices/Rafts: We will not host raft nights at this time.  Rafts and other non-attached floatation devices (noodle, rings, boogie boards, etc.) will not be allowed in the pool (except your own kickboard used for lap swimming); water wings or other personal floatation assists that are worn on the body are allowed.

Toys: If you would like to bring toys or balls to the pool, you may, but please know that you may be asked to put them away if playing with them makes it difficult for others to remain safely distanced or enjoy the pool.  All toys and balls, when not in use, must be stored with your personal items and then taken with you when you leave.

Lost and Found: We will maintain a lost and found bin but will not lend anything out (goggles, etc.)

Swim Team: Morning practices only from 8-11:30am 

Grill: One grill will be available, facing the parking lot. Bring your own tools; please spray down the handle and knobs as well as the clean the grate after using.

Food: We will not be selling food or drinks. We will not have food trucks at this time. Members may order food to be delivered if they would like, and are responsible for meeting the delivery driver at the desk (guards will not deliver food to your table). Members may bring their own food and use the grill to cook it.

Bathrooms: Changing stalls will be closed but bathrooms will be open. Please limit use to 1 person at a time (or 1 parent/child). No loitering in the bathroom. Showers will be available to use.  Please plan on changing clothes at home.

Camps: At this time we don’t plan to have any camps use the pool.

Baby Pool: Closed per State guidance.

Swim Lessons: We will not offer group swim lessons at this time. We may be able to offer parent/child lessons with an instructor providing guidance from a distance later in the summer, depending on changes to restrictions.

Party Rentals: We cannot do any party rentals at this time.

Pool Grounds: Basketball court, tetherball, and horseshoe pit are all closed. We are happy to announce that in an effort to continue to offer the members of our pool community a chance to socialize safely from a distance, we will allow members to bring their own chairs and sit in the basketball court area, which will now be known as Gunnison Plaza! No more than 50 members may gather in Gunnison Plaza at one time. It is not necessary for you to sign up for a spot in Gunnison Plaza, we just want you to have an opportunity to visit with their “pool friends” and continue to build our thriving community. 


Once the pool opens, where will we be able to sign up for open swim slots? Will it be on the website or do we have to go down to the pool and put our name on a list?

We will post a link to the Sign-up Genius from the website and with the weekly membership e-mail. Only members who have registered and paid in full may sign up to use the pool. By signing up you are agreeing to follow all of the restrictions we have put in place.

How far in advance do we need to sign up? Will you sign up for a week at a time or for longer in the future? Hoping to have a way to have everyone have an opportunity to use the pool…

Thank you for considering the whole community! Every Friday at the same time (8am), we will put out a sign up for a week in advance (ex – Friday June 12th we would have posted for the week beginning Friday June 19th). Two full weeks will be open at all times. As soon we have an opening date, we will send out a Sign-up Genius. From that point after, it will go out each Friday at 8am for the following week. 

How many open swim slots can I sign up for?

In the beginning, we recommend only 3 times each week on separate days with different open swim times (i.e., please don’t sign up for the 12-1:30 slot for each of your open swims). This may change as the season progresses and we determine pool utilization. Please only sign up for yourself (and family) and do not add any other members to the list when signing up.

Can I show up to the pool and see if there are any openings?

No. You must use the signup genius. We will not allow walk-ups on deck or in the pool at this time. You may not take a slot if the person fails to show (they may just be running late).

What if I end up not being able to go to the pool during the time I signed up for? 

If you decide not to go or are not able to go, please cancel as soon possible by removing yourself from the signup genius so someone else can use the pool. Members may check the list for empty slots at any time. 

What happens if the pool closes during my slot?

In the event of a pool closure due to thunderstorm or another reason, you may sign-up for another open slot within that same week if spaces are available (it will not count against your allotted weekly slots). There is no “fair” way to push back or re-allocate slots. Everyone knows the risk of bad weather…people signing up for 4 to 6 or 6 to 8 are taking a bigger risk than people signing up for noon or 2. 

In August, when swim team ends, will a 10 am to 11:30 time spot open? 
Swim team practices will run through the end of July. Depending on pool use throughout the summer, it is very possible that we will open a time slot from 10-11:30 to be available for members but this has yet to be determined.

It is usually hot in September, have you thought about keeping the pool open an extra two or three weeks after Labor Day? 

We are considering this option and will make the call by mid-August. 

If I wanted to add a babysitter to my membership, would she be allowed to go in the pool? 

Yes. Babysitters can still be added as an additional household member [we need to have correct contact information for them].

If I let my babysitter go with my kids in the morning, will we be able to go to the pool in the evening as a family on the same day? 

No…at least not in the beginning. You may sign up for 4 slots per week but not more than one in the same day. If we find we have times that the pool is underutilized, we may adjust but we will need to see how things go. 

Our family joined early before the pandemic. Are the any options to change status (possibly to inactive) for us? (not saying that we will, but just want to know).

Yes, there are options. If you want to go inactive, you can roll your dues over to next year’s membership fee (preferable) or request a refund (minus $75 for the inactive fee).

Do you have a sense of whether inactive and/or other unpaid members will rejoin?

We have reached out to those who haven’t responded. Please reach out to your friends and neighbors who are members and encourage them to go either join or go inactive. You must have registered and paid in full prior to signing up on the Signup Genius to use the pool.

Do we have additional costs due to COVID expenses?

Lighthouse is responsible for providing additional supplies necessary, although we are also keeping an eye out for things such as hand sanitizer.

Can parents get in a lap lane with their kids? 

No. Only one person per lap lane. You may go in the pool with your child during open swim.

I understand that basketball, horseshoe, etc. will not be available, but do you know if we can have social distance gathering in parking lot?

We are happy to announce the opening of Gunnison Plaza. We encourage pool members to bring their own chairs and spend time with friends in the basketball court area. We will limit the space to no more than 50 people. There will not be a sign up to use this space, but we expect everyone to mindful of the restrictions on social distancing and number of people. We will open the gate near the court so that anyone using Gunnison Plaza also has access to the grill.

Do non-swimmers need to swim in order to use the pool this summer?

No! Please join us in Gunnison Plaza for a visit with friends or sign up for a slot and socialize on deck from a safe distance.

Can you please clarify the length of time that will be allowed for lap swimming – Will it be possible to swim laps for longer than 30 minutes in one stretch?

At this time, lap swim periods will only be 30 minutes. If we find that the pool is underutilized, we will extend the time.

What about social events?

We might have a movie night. We don’t plan to have other social events like Jazz Brunch or Adult Night. It’s unlikely we will have Oktoberfest this year.

Can we use the diving boards? 

Yes! Please look for the markers on deck to indicate where to line up to use the diving boards.  We will not allow other uses of the well this year.

Given that swim team is lap swimming would you consider modified swim practice…or at least allow kids who can swim laps to be part of lap swimmers?

When we open, swim practices will be 8-11:30 with no afternoon practices. Kids will be able to have a good swim season and there will be restrictions. We won’t know what practices will look like until we get the guidance. Kids (swim team members and non-swim team members) are also welcome to sign up for any available lap swimming slot.

Do you know how you might split up the ages for swim team practices? Just very generally – youngest first, etc.?

We typically did the youngest first in the mornings so that older kids could stay for pre-team right after their practice. Since there won’t be any pre-team we could shuffle things around, but I want to make sure we don’t over complicate things, so likely younger kids would still be first. Swim team practice schedules may depend on how many kids sign up.

Will we use sign up genius to swim laps? 

Yes. No walkups allowed at this time.

Can we bring guests?

We are not allowing guests from outside of your household at this time. We need to have a record of exactly who was at the pool on which days at which times (in the event we need info for contact tracing).

Clarification…we need to bring all of our own chairs for tables, right?

Correct. Please bring your own chairs so the guards have fewer surfaces to clean inside the pool area. We will have tables set up on deck as well as some lounge chairs. Please do not move the furniture. Please also bring your own chairs to use in Gunnison Plaza. We will not provide any furniture outside of the pool area.

Please consider opening the basketball court too.

We wish we could but we can’t share equipment so courts have to remain closed at this time.

What about the guards?

We need to make sure the guards are adequately trained by Lighthouse. The board also plans to meet with guards to make sure they have a full understanding of the restrictions. Please note the guard in the chair will not wear a mask so they can blow a whistle at a moment’s notice or communicate with other guards effectively.

 Anything else?

Please remember we are all in this together! Please keep an eye on your kids to ensure that they are following all guidelines. We will need to limit social contact to the greatest extent possible. We have an amazing pool community but at this point we expect to lose money this summer unless more people join. We know this will be a summer that is different from most, but please remember that the pool is a member-owned facility. Please consider investing in the pool by joining as a full member and spread the word to your friends and neighbors as well!